Trendy glass tile:1x1, 3x6,frosted & clear, 14 colors of travertine: cross cut, brushed, chiseled edge,8x16,18x18,16x24,24x24,;silver,platinium slate; 1st quality Italian porcelain and many more.Perfect Tile Work

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The pure elegance and lasting beauty of glass tile is finally taking its rightful position in the world of tile design

Glass tile by Letty available through Delphin Design LLC


By Tom     W. Caney

is a frequent contributor to Delphin Design LLC

 Glass tile-let your imagination go wild!

By Tom W. Caney

GLASS TILE is enjoying a huge following the residential arena, with mosaics the popular choice among the trades.

As glass tile is impermeable and non-porous, it is able to withstand any contact with water, spillage and thus, never stains. Found in hotels, spas, homes and murals around the country, is waterproof and great for use in bathrooms or other high-moisture areas and is easily and inexpensively maintained. It's important to keep in mind, however, that glass tile is pricey. The beauty of glass tile is unique because the glass reflects light , which highlights every tile. The use of recycled glass tile is increasing in popularity with homeowners and designers, it is beautiful and fun, let your imagination go wild!

Custom glass tile installation in Destin FL

But the most popular way to use glass tile is as mosaic tile. Unless treated, a normal glass tile is no different from polished porcelain tile in terms of skid resistance


Various colors, glass tile is sure to bring a unique radiance and sophistication to any space. A typical tile is polished with a clean bevel. As  a top shelf product requiring top shelf setting materials for proper bonding. The easiest, fastest way to cut glass tile is with a simple glass scoring tool and running pliers.


 Glass tile  is an area that has recently grown in demand, with amazing results.


Textured glass tile is the preferred choice for floors as the image is applied to the bottom side of the tile and will not be susceptible to wear. 


Glass tile is gaining in popularity over ceramic tile as the surface of choice in home tiling projects


Perfect choice for a steam shower. Recycled, it is beautiful, affordable, and responsible. The designer specified glass tile is idea for the discerning client and high-end development project.





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